Depicting the Culture Through Wall Art – An Initiative by EFU Life

EFU life launches a campaign ‘Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan’ to beautify the walls in Pakistan this Independence day. The campaign displayed Pakistani culture and values through wall art and replaced the wall chalking with beautiful paintings.

To carry out the project well, a team containing 15 talented artists was made, who together painted the beautiful Pakistan on the walls in Karachi.

The campaign started last year when EFU Life painted a mural at Ayesha Manzil and a wall near National Stadium and extended this year to Garden area of Agha Khan Park where the team painted the culture and rich traditions of Pakistan.

Many volunteers, artists and other members of the society came and take part to make Pakistan beautiful. EFU life aims to take the project in other cities as well.

Take a look at the photos here:

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Teaching Kids to be Kind

I’ve seen parents teaching kids to be something extra-ordinary, to be a hero. To be like spider man or wonder woman but I’ve rarely seen them teaching their kids to be nice, to be kind to someone. We never take them out and teach them to appreciate nature. We don’t tell them to be nice to a stray cat or a horse.

Few days back I took my cousin out to Lake view and bird park in Islamabad to show her this aspect of life. We are so glued with our phones, tvs and other devices that the other values, the important ones are fading away from our lives. I wanted her to know kindness.

She was happy to be with the birds and loving how every bird was running towards her for the food she had in her hands. It was my 5 year old’s first encounter with birds, but she managed and fed birds quite happily. I loved how her big round eyes were shinning with happiness. Izna now knows the most important perspective of life which is to be kind and giving.


Ronaldinho and Friends – Bringing Football to Pakistan

The fortress stadium was jam-packed when International stars arrived to play an exhibition football match on this Sunday. The players were here to highlight and promote the underrepresented footballing talent in Pakistan and connect with the national players. Two matches were played, one in Karachi hockey stadium and the other in Lahore Fortress Stadium.

The squad who came and visited Pakistan included big names like Brazilian Ronaldinho, Manchester United’s  Ryan Giggs, French footballers Nicolas Anelka and Robert Pires, Portugal’s Luis Boa Morte, Dutch footballer George Boateng and ex England goal keeper David James.

Both matches were very well received and crowded stadiums showed how much people of Pakistan love football and the players.

The World Group is the company behind the successful event and UK-based Leisure Leagues coming to the country. “We aim for the promotion of sports and specifically football in Pakistan. Balochistan has so much talent in this field and we will bring the people of the country platforms through which they can shine and show their talent to the world, says Mehmood Trunkwala, chairman of the World Company.

Giggs and other players thanked the organizers and said they were privileged to take part.

Organizers are determined to bring more events related to football and other sports in the country for the promotion and soft imaging of Pakistan across the world.

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This is Pakistan Team for You, the World!

Everyone was heartbroken when we lost our first match against India. Pakistan’s performance was not only heart-wrenching it also made everyone concerned about the future of Pakistan cricket. The match was rather a one-sided affair and India outclassed Pakistan in every department comfortably enough.

Then next, Pakistan had to play against South Africa, the team ranked on the top and known to be the best. Everybody had low expectations, some didn’t even watch the match. But then, a miracle happened. We won against the best team with 19 runs under Duckworth-Lewis method.

Then they roared against Sri Lanka to enter semifinals. Mohammad Amir and Junaid Khan turned the game entirely with their bowling. The game changing spell and Pakistan’s much improved performance made us win the game against Sri Lanka this time and the team entered the semifinals of ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

For finals, we had to beat England, which seemed nearly impossible. Facing and winning against the only unbeaten team in the champions trophy wasn’t easy but Pakistan team was motivated and determined. Raees, Fakhar and Hassan again became the source of our joy and played their part in winning against England. Everyone was amazed, stunned and surprised when the world’s 8th ODI team Pakistan chased down their target beautifully and defeated England.

Source: Twitter

The replacements were a good decision as well and helped us improve.  Fakhar, Raees, Hassan, Junaid Khan and Mohammad Amir won the hearts of millions of fans across Pakistan and we loved their motivation and winning attitude. The credit also goes to the coach Mickey Arthur who worked hard to make team what it is today.

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This is Pakistan for you, my readers. Unpredictable yet brilliant. No one can believe that it is the same team who lost awfully against India in the first match. No body knew that they’d work their weaknesses out with determination and bounce back even stronger, more powerful than ever. The team who looked so fearful, not-so-motivated in the first match has transformed entirely into a fearless and motivated group of shaheens who are ready to fly high.

This is how the stadium looked when Pakistan beat England in ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Source: Twitter


While fans are celebrating the magnificent win of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are getting ready to face each other in the second semi-final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. The winning team will play against Pakistan in the final. Fingers crossed and hopes are very high.


Karachi Literature Festival Goes International

Karachi Literature Festival with Oxford University Press Pakistan celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Pakistan by going international this year.

The festival took place in London for the first time and presented the rich literature history, diversity and emerging talent of the country before the international audience.  The event was a success and attracted thousands of people over three days with everyone flocking to the session they were most interested in.

Sessions varied from discussions, poetry readings, talks by authors to musical performances. Renowned names who spoke at the different sessions included Atiqa Odho, Nimra Bucha, Taimur Rahman, Sayeeda Warsi, Mehreen Jabbar, Imtiaz Dharker, Cyril Almeida, Mohammad Hanif and many more.

Prominent Pakistani writer, Mohammad Hanif gave the keynote address who discussed about the challenges and difficulties Pakistani writers face and talked about the history and hopes of Pakistan.

Pakisnai politics and fashion scene was disccssed by Fari Kermani, Atiqa Odho, Maheen Khan and Cyril Almedia while the challenges Urdu language is facing were talked about by Harris Khalique, Ishrat Afreen and Basir Kazmi.

Ted Hoggkinson, Senior Programmer of Literature and Spoken Word talked about the richness of Pakistani literature and his visit in Pakistan.

Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Syed Ibne Abbas said that literary and cultural activities can connect the youth to their roots and also helps in building mutual understanding among communities.





Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs in 21st Century- First Episode

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a king and a queen. The kingdom was embodiment of love and happiness. King and queen were the loveliest and generous people on the planet. The people who were living there were happy with them and respected the queen and king with all their hearts. They used to sing the songs of love and pray for the long life of the King and Queen.

King and Queen had a very healthy relation. The first baby they had was a girl, as pretty as her mother and as courageous as her father. She was white just as snow therefore they named her “Snow White”.  The day when Snow White was born, everyone in the kingdom celebrated.

When Snow White was three years old, the queen fell seriously ill and died. Snow White used to cry all the time and King was unable to take care of her so he decided to get married again. The new queen promised king that she’d take care of her. But, from the inside she was an evil witch who wanted to rule the kingdom.



Xiaomi brings Redmi 4X to Pakistan in partnership with Smartlink Technologies

The world’s leading technology company Xiaomi launched Redmi 4X in Pakistan through distribution partner SmartLink Technologies.
Xiaomi have disrupted the Pakistani smartphone market when it unveiled three smartphones, Mi Max, Redmi 4A and Redmi Note 4 in February. It also brought its amazing ecosystem products such as Mi Band 2 and Mi Power Banks ranging from 5,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh.
With a considerable fan growth in the country and with the help of Smartlink Technologies, Xiaomi was able to grab a strong foothold within the country. As promised, extending their partners ‘consumer comes first’ philosophy, Smartlink Technologies will fulfill the requirement of Mi Customer Care Centers within the leading cities of Pakistan.
Redmi 4X
Redmi 4X features a full metal body, is incredibly slim at just 8.65mm thick and weighs a mere 150g. Equipped with a 4100mAh battery, Redmi 4X has an impressive standby time of up to 18 days. It will be available with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, so users can multi-task more efficiently, while also having more space for apps and images. Redmi 4X will be available starting May 20th in black at 18,900 PKR.

The smartphones will be available offline across the country and online at official and at authorized online sales agents online shops at and

Every Redmi 4X will ship with MIUI 8 which builds in several technology breakthroughs such as being able to clone apps and manage multiple accounts on the same phone. This means that users can have two instances of a messaging app on the same phone that correspond to different accounts, removing the inconvenience of having to log in and out on the same app. With MIUI 8, users can also split their smartphones into two accounts. This means that a different password or fingerprint can allow users to access a different home screen entirely, with different apps and data that are completely independent. According to their needs, users can choose to merge certain data such as the address book and call history.

Marketing Director of Smartlink Technologies, Ahmed Butt says, “Majority of the Pakistani consumers prefer to purchase smartphones remaining in this price bracket and thus this bracket has always remained a key market for all brands. We have confidence that Redmi 4X will be a hit within its own price bracket, as the smartphone surely outperforms its competition in the market.”
The device will also be available on SmartLink Technology’s online platform starting May 1st 2017.

Key features of Redmi 4X:
• Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 with (Octa-core 1.4GHz)
• 4100mAh battery
• 13MP camera with PDAF; 5MP front camera
• 5-inch HD display
• Dual SIM (3-choose-2 hybrid SIM tray)
• LTE support
• 3GB RAM + 32GB Flash
• Up to 128GB microSD expandable storage
• Rear fingerprint sensor
• Available in Black


Khaana With Parosi- Strengthening Relations with Neighbors

Shan campaigns have always been about traditions and culture of Pakistan. They always show how beautiful and amazing Pakistani culture is and how important are relationships for the people living here.

The new ad by Shan, “Khaana with Parosi” is again about sharing happiness, love and bonding with neighbors.

The ad is important because it has somehow reminded people of Pakistan about this beautiful tradition and starts with a Chinese couple eating at a table in Pakistan. The lady has no friends since she’s just shifted to Pakistan and so, she wants to be friends with her Pakistani neighbors. She discusses the matter with her husband and decides to go meet them, therefore she goes to buy Shan biryani (cause probably she knows how much we are crazy about biryanis)

She cooks biryani and goes to her neighbors. Her neighbors welcome her with an open heart and quite pleased, and when they eat her biryani they get even more happy.

Watch the ad here:



Another amazing addition to this campaign is OST Shan which is sung by the talented Meesha Shafi.

Overall the campaign by Shan foods is good &  its beautiful depiction of cultural relations letting it gain popularity everywhere.

Yemen Cries for Help

Yemen is fighting for its survival as two years of conflict and war have ruined the country. The conflict has given rise to the worst humanitarian crisis leaving almost 70% of the people in the need of help.

Thousands of people have been killed and injured since when the conflict started. Air strikes have destroyed the buildings as well as the economy of the country. Many people in Yemen have taken the refuge in informal settings, camps and in schools

An estimated 18.8 million victims in Yemen need humanitarian assistance and safety according to United Nations. 17 million people are food insecure while 6.8 are severely food insecure. 3.3 million kids and breast-feeding women in Yemen are extremely malnutrition. With these stats, Yemen is facing the largest humanitarian crisis.

The crisis has affected the girls acutely as well and they are forced to face abuse and other kinds of exploitation. Gender based violence have also increased up to 63 percent since the conflict started.

Around 120 organizations including United Nations are putting great efforts to end the crisis. But these organizations are not enough and not having enough funding is making it nearly impossible to meet the goals. Yemen crisis needs our support now, more than ever.

Help Yemen and Donate today

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