Understanding, learning and knowing people has always been interesting for me. The best thing about the ones who take interest in knowing others is they get more understanding as time passes, the worst thing is they can trust wrong people and get hurt a lot along the way.

However, how difficult or crazy this idea may seem, I think we should always try to know and explore people more. Yes, you’ll get hurt and have bad days but you’ll also learn, grow and understand life, more than anyone else.

Here’s to hoping and keeping ourselves alive no matter how hard it may seem.


Pakistan’s largest Art Project, Reel On Hai

“Reel On Hai” gave Pakistanis and especially the people of Karachi an opportunity to beautify the city through reels. The project is an initiative and collaborative effort of  of Pakistan Cables and Biennale Trust, that aims to, as the name suggests, create great art pieces with the help of cable reels. The pieces created through reels and with the hardwork of artists, are installed at all the major locations in Karachi, from Lyari to Clifton and Safrai to Airport, these magnificient pieces hope to change the view of the city and its people through art.

One of the most beautiful and colorful art installation seen at the event was named “Chakarkar” and designed by an artist Abrar Qazi from National College of Arts. The design of Chakarkar is inspired by the life the surround us and installed at Karachi Zoo. One of the reels has the verse by Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan (founder of OPP):

“Hazaroon Shehar basaaey hain badshahoon ne, aik shehar ab ghareebon ko bhi baasanay do. Kabhi kabhi gham-e-dunia ko bhool janay do.”

And another one contains a quote by Abdul Sattar Edhi: “Sirf alfaz aur taveel duayen Khuda ko mutasir nahi kerteen. Apnay aamal se apna imaan zahir kero”

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The locations that are covered by Reel On Hai are St Patrick’s Cathedral, Jinnah Hospital, Safari Park, Alliance Francise, Beach Luxury Hotel, Beach Luxury Hotel, Indus Valley School, Moin Khan Academy, IBA university campus, ABSA School, Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research, Karachi Central Jail, Karachi Zoo and many more.

The idea of the Reel on Hai project was a success and helped audience engage and reflect on the idea, it also encourged people to make their surrounding beautiful through reusing everyday objects which they consider useless otherwise.



Parchi Team at Fun City Giga Mall

Pakistani movie Parchi has been released and doing good business. People liked our very own Hareem Farooqi’s character the most, which reminded me of Hareem Farooqi, Ali Rehman Khan, Ahmed Ali Akbar and producer Imran Raza Kazmi’s visit to Giga Mall DHA last week at Fun City.

The team went to Fun City to meet and enjoy fun games with the fans. As expected, loads and loads of people were there already and went crazy when cast finally arrived.


Team Parchi met with the fans, talked to them and had different challenges for them to win Parchi tickets. Other than that, the campaign on social media about the meet and greet went very well too.

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Wheel of Fortune at Fun City Giga Mall

Fun City is a place that let you play different games, have fun rides and enjoy the time of your life with your loved ones. Other than providing entertainment and fun 24 hours fun city organizes different events every now and then that attract families and youngsters, equally. Located at Centaurus and Giga Mall, the place is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite.


This time, Fun City Pakistan hosted the first ever Wheel of Fortune game at DHA Giga Mall Rawalpindi which attracted thousands of visitors. People played the game with their wives, kids and friends. Wheel of Fortune was a ten days long event that had different games including spoon and ball race, Face the cookie, Define Gravity etc. Winning the game allowed them to advance to Wheel of Fortune to win free fun city rides and many gifts.

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Visit the place if you still haven’t to have loads of fun.



Green Tea Makes You Smarter!

Winter is all about warm clothes, tea and coffee. But why do we neglect green tea despite its health benefits? Well, recently I got to know alot about green tea health benefits and it kinda forced me to write and share it with you guys as well. So, here I go:

  1. It has antioxidants and nutrients
  2. Improves brain function and makes you smarter
  3. Fat loss
  4. Reduces risk of cancer
  5. Improves bone density
  6. Lowers blood pressure


Bottom line is Green tea makes you smarter, healthier and more active and Tapal’s green tea adds up to benefits because of its different flavors.