Khaana With Parosi- Strengthening Relations with Neighbors

Shan campaigns have always been about traditions and culture of Pakistan. They always show how beautiful and amazing Pakistani culture is and how important are relationships for the people living here.

The new ad by Shan, “Khaana with Parosi” is again about sharing happiness, love and bonding with neighbors.

The ad is important because it has somehow reminded people of Pakistan about this beautiful tradition and starts with a Chinese couple eating at a table in Pakistan. The lady has no friends since she’s just shifted to Pakistan and so, she wants to be friends with her Pakistani neighbors. She discusses the matter with her husband and decides to go meet them, therefore she goes to buy Shan biryani (cause probably she knows how much we are crazy about biryanis)

She cooks biryani and goes to her neighbors. Her neighbors welcome her with an open heart and quite pleased, and when they eat her biryani they get even more happy.

Watch the ad here:



Another amazing addition to this campaign is OST Shan which is sung by the talented Meesha Shafi.

Overall the campaign by Shan foods is good &  its beautiful depiction of cultural relations letting it gain popularity everywhere.

Yemen Cries for Help

Yemen is fighting for its survival as two years of conflict and war have ruined the country. The conflict has given rise to the worst humanitarian crisis leaving almost 70% of the people in the need of help.

Thousands of people have been killed and injured since when the conflict started. Air strikes have destroyed the buildings as well as the economy of the country. Many people in Yemen have taken the refuge in informal settings, camps and in schools

An estimated 18.8 million victims in Yemen need humanitarian assistance and safety according to United Nations. 17 million people are food insecure while 6.8 are severely food insecure. 3.3 million kids and breast-feeding women in Yemen are extremely malnutrition. With these stats, Yemen is facing the largest humanitarian crisis.

The crisis has affected the girls acutely as well and they are forced to face abuse and other kinds of exploitation. Gender based violence have also increased up to 63 percent since the conflict started.

Around 120 organizations including United Nations are putting great efforts to end the crisis. But these organizations are not enough and not having enough funding is making it nearly impossible to meet the goals. Yemen crisis needs our support now, more than ever.

Help Yemen and Donate today

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Room For Manchester

The world is becoming messier and messier. With people killing each other everyday, sometimes it makes me think are we moving forward or going backwards?

The blast in Manchester is a terrible news for me and for the world.

Who knew this would happen?

Turning happy faces into crying faces, why would anyone do that?

Should they call human beings?

But between all this chaos, something good has happened. People of Manchester! who came forward and started this campaign #RoomForManchester for the victims worked as a ray of hope in the times of dark. Clearly, humanity is divided into two categories. Between those who are killing innocence and those who are trying to protect them. We have to make a constant effort everyday to be the latter and not the former.


We have to work for peace, stand for peace and beat the evil with the pure, with the good, by being united, by helping each other in the times of distress, by being right beside the victims and standing for peace.

May peace prevail on earth soon.

Say It With A Smile!

A smile can change a situation. A smile can make things better. A smile can lighten up the mood and sometimes changes anger into pleasure.

New campaign by Lays is all about smiles and happiness. The TVC features our favorite Boom Boom Afridi, heart-throb Imran Abbas Naqvi and the beautiful Momal Sheikh, smiling beautifully while sharing lays with their loved ones.

There are many attractive things about the say it with a smile campaign. To me the most attractive ones are:

New Smiling Packs


Attractive Cast

Who doesn’t love Shahid Afridi, Imran Abbas Naqvi and Momal Sheikh?

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Exciting Prizes

Lays is also offering prizes like phones and 1 Million rupees! Just scratch the code from Lay’s new pack & SMS to 9005 to enter the competition. Not only this, you can also share your selfies and feedback with the hashtag #SayitwithASmile on twitter and facebook!
Overall the campaign designed by Lays this time is pretty good effort and already getting popular among many.

Take a look into the TVC here:

ILMPossible Summit 2017 Takes the Pledge to Put Children Back into Schools

On the 12th and 13th May 2017, more than 150 British Council Pakistan volunteers, active members of community, students, partners and teachers gathered in Islamabad to celebrate the successful enrollment of more than quarter of a million primary children in school through ILMPossible Summit 2017. They shared their success stories, achievements and difficulties they faced along the journey.

ILMPossible- Take a Child to School is a project by British Council Pakistan and Education Above All Foundation, that took a pledge to put children back into primary schools and ensure their retention through the 3 year cycle.

The event started with a welcome note from the Country Director British Council, Ms Rosemary Hilhorst. She welcomed the volunteers, active members of society and other partners and expressed her gratitude in making ILMPossible a reality.

The Deputy British High Commissioner, Mr Richard Crowder and Chairperson, Higher Education Commissioner, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad appreciated the efforts of British Council and partners.

The two day Summit contained panel discussions, mini workshops, keynotes and success stories from various projects directors, ministers, journalists, artists & Ilmbassadors. Education Ministers from the four provinces were invited to shed light on the achievements and discuss the educational crisis in the respective areas.

ILMPossible Summit 2017, brought together several important figures from 65 districts together and united them under one roof for the betterment of education in Pakistan.

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Islamabad Literature Festival Comes to an End

Fifth Islamabad Literature concluded at the Margala Hotel on Sunday (16th, April 2017). The three day event was a success as there were a large number of people who visited, participated and took the literary sessions.

The event was organized by Oxford University Press and sponsored by Pakistan Petrroleum Limited, AWAAZ, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Embassy of France, Embassy of Italy and Geothe Institute. The closing address was given by Oxford University Press MD nad foudner of ILF Ameena Saiyid and Co founder Dr. Asif Farruki.

“As this festival comes to its end, I hope that, each of us will have found his or her knowledge added to, or viewpoint altered, in some way or the other. This is a unique kind of event, one that does not leave anyone unaffected”. Dr Ameena Saiyid further stated that Islamabad Literature Festival will include more activities and colors in the coming years. This time ILF was focused more on celebrating the 70th year of Pakistan’s independence by publishing 70 books on Pakistan, its literature, history, culture sports and economics.

Iftikhar Arif, a renowned poet praised the efforts of ILF for bringing together all the intellectuals, poets, journalists and writers.

The three day event contained interactive sessions, book launches and dialogues. The closing ceremony of ILF was followed by an enthralling dance performance by Shayma Saiyid which was praised by the audience. She dedicated her performance to Mashal Khan, a student beaten to death in Mardan.

The increasing number of participants in all halls and their interest in discussions and books is testimony to the fact that literature can become a major tool to achieve positive societal changes.

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Ignite the Spark Within You

“This country needs a little positive energy and hope” my friend was saying this to me. And when I started thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that he was right.

We are glued with TV channels most of the times and what it shows? It shows negativity all the time. Bad news, bad news everywhere. So, in the midst of chaos, we always look at some positive energy or light that could lead us, guide us or follow us. One of those initiatives is Sparkistan.

Sparkistan has covered stories from all over the Pakistan, the unsung heros of Pakistan and people who are capable of doing something extra ordinary, something good in life, Sparkistan is about their courageous stories.
The teaser video is quite inspiring, where we can see Master Ayub, who teaches to children for free and the female cyclist of Pakistan, who dared to cover mountains.

The video urges people to do something as good as the inspiring people featured are doing, to make things, their surroundings and the world a little peaceful, a little better. Cannot wait for their full stories.

Here’s a link for you to watch:

Let’s do something to make this country better!

Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus by Infinix mobile


Zero 4 and Zero 4 plus are newly launched by Infinix mobile in Pakistan.

Infinix mobile is a leading mobile manufacturer company in more than 20 countries of the world.

The latest addition Zero 4 and Zero 4 plus are designed to appeal the tech lovers. 5.5 inch IPS, 16 megapixel rear, 8 megapixel front camera and 3 GB RAM makes it a perfect choice for you.

Zero4 plus have a 20.7 MP rear and 13 MP front camera with a processor that allows lower energy consumption and makes sure that your phone runs smoothly. The feature I loved the most is the Pro manual camera adjustment. So many adjustment control features make you feel as if you’re using a professional camera. OIS helps in smooth shooting and gives best results even in least desirable conditions. Moreover anti shake feature enhances stability and quality of image.

The phones also posses Laser Auto Focus and 4X zoom technology, which ensures sharper photos for macro photography and 4x zoom gives amazing flexibility in the distances possible from photographer to the subject.

Both phones are a masterpiece by Infinix mobile and a great collision of professional ideas of techies and cutting edge technology. Moreover, the reasonable prices make the phones more desirable.




Hungry? Order Pizza Hut’s new pair deal!


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Hey, this post is to tell you guys that your favorite pizza hut has launched its new deal across the country. Yes, now you can order pair deal that includes two regular pizza at just rupees 520 each and two mighty large pizzas for just rupees 899 each. Not only this get 30 to 40% discount on both deals.

So just order your pair deal by dialing 111-241-241 or order online at


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