This is Pakistan Team for You, the World!

Everyone was heartbroken when we lost our first match against India. Pakistan’s performance was not only heart-wrenching it also made everyone concerned about the future of Pakistan cricket. The match was rather a one-sided affair and India outclassed Pakistan in every department comfortably enough.

Then next, Pakistan had to play against South Africa, the team ranked on the top and known to be the best. Everybody had low expectations, some didn’t even watch the match. But then, a miracle happened. We won against the best team with 19 runs under Duckworth-Lewis method.

Then they roared against Sri Lanka to enter semifinals. Mohammad Amir and Junaid Khan turned the game entirely with their bowling. The game changing spell and Pakistan’s much improved performance made us win the game against Sri Lanka this time and the team entered the semifinals of ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

For finals, we had to beat England, which seemed nearly impossible. Facing and winning against the only unbeaten team in the champions trophy wasn’t easy but Pakistan team was motivated and determined. Raees, Fakhar and Hassan again became the source of our joy and played their part in winning against England. Everyone was amazed, stunned and surprised when the world’s 8th ODI team Pakistan chased down their target beautifully and defeated England.

Source: Twitter

The replacements were a good decision as well and helped us improve.  Fakhar, Raees, Hassan, Junaid Khan and Mohammad Amir won the hearts of millions of fans across Pakistan and we loved their motivation and winning attitude. The credit also goes to the coach Mickey Arthur who worked hard to make team what it is today.

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This is Pakistan for you, my readers. Unpredictable yet brilliant. No one can believe that it is the same team who lost awfully against India in the first match. No body knew that they’d work their weaknesses out with determination and bounce back even stronger, more powerful than ever. The team who looked so fearful, not-so-motivated in the first match has transformed entirely into a fearless and motivated group of shaheens who are ready to fly high.

This is how the stadium looked when Pakistan beat England in ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Source: Twitter


While fans are celebrating the magnificent win of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are getting ready to face each other in the second semi-final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. The winning team will play against Pakistan in the final. Fingers crossed and hopes are very high.



3 thoughts on “This is Pakistan Team for You, the World!

  1. Commendable work. One can see a lot of effort being put in your blogs/articles. I am not sure if you are already working with some daily, but you truly deserve to be in one. And even if you are not, it is amazing how you have not given up and have been writing from quite some time.

    I would just like to add a few “PERSONAL” views here. Your articles are not too lengthy, the flow is clear, are easily understandable and are cover various parts of our daily lives. All of these make them I’d say pretty brilliant, for a starter.

    There a couple of things that you might consider doing. Firstly, as a genuine writer you should be focusing just on the news, true, but these days catchy headlines and masalaydaar reporting is the way forward. When I read your writings, unless I have all the time in the world, I would mostly skip parts unless I find some clingy lines. It’s not that you have done something wrong, but in today’s internet run age with fewer time in our hands we need something appealing, something captivating to make us read or hook us to that topic. For example, if your tagline for this Pakistan article read “Baap kon?” or “#Baap Baap Hota hai”, I am sure more people would read. No wonder why clickbaits are earning money “Meera ji ko kaptaan sarfaraz kar diya beizzat, parhiye is link main”. It sucks, but it works. What I am implying here is, it doesn’t necessarily has to be in that fashions. Some affirmative popular, snappy lines would do the trick. It’s what you do and you know better. We all need quick information and entertainment at the same time. Secondly, your profile reads “high perspective”, I thought it depicts some higher dimensions views on social, cultural and religious issues. You have tried to kept it simple. Or may be you can write some for people who understand stuff, and others for general readers. I was expecting some debates may be, which I would love to comment on. Or some opinions that are hard to digest for some people. Further, it’s very competitive these days, so. Sorry, I had a few more points but my mum called for some chore, and now I have lost that phase in which I was in.

    PLEASE, this is just what I think. Everyone has their own way.
    again GREAT WORK !!

    Many thanks.


    1. Hello Ali, thank you so much for taking time to read my blog and for the appreciation. I’ll keep that points you mentioned in my mind the next time I write something. Would love if you keep on appreciating and criticize. 🙂


  2. It’s delightful to see your notion of accepting affirmative criticism ! You write and we all read and critique, that is how it works ! Looking forward to more of some discursive topics. Human psychology can be one, the way how it shapes our social, religious and cultural lives. The tricks played by our mind in making us believe the unknown due to fear.
    Also, your snowwhite is missing.


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