Karachi Literature Festival Goes International

Karachi Literature Festival with Oxford University Press Pakistan celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Pakistan by going international this year.

The festival took place in London for the first time and presented the rich literature history, diversity and emerging talent of the country before the international audience.  The event was a success and attracted thousands of people over three days with everyone flocking to the session they were most interested in.

Sessions varied from discussions, poetry readings, talks by authors to musical performances. Renowned names who spoke at the different sessions included Atiqa Odho, Nimra Bucha, Taimur Rahman, Sayeeda Warsi, Mehreen Jabbar, Imtiaz Dharker, Cyril Almeida, Mohammad Hanif and many more.

Prominent Pakistani writer, Mohammad Hanif gave the keynote address who discussed about the challenges and difficulties Pakistani writers face and talked about the history and hopes of Pakistan.

Pakisnai politics and fashion scene was disccssed by Fari Kermani, Atiqa Odho, Maheen Khan and Cyril Almedia while the challenges Urdu language is facing were talked about by Harris Khalique, Ishrat Afreen and Basir Kazmi.

Ted Hoggkinson, Senior Programmer of Literature and Spoken Word talked about the richness of Pakistani literature and his visit in Pakistan.

Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Syed Ibne Abbas said that literary and cultural activities can connect the youth to their roots and also helps in building mutual understanding among communities.






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