Khaana With Parosi- Strengthening Relations with Neighbors

Shan campaigns have always been about traditions and culture of Pakistan. They always show how beautiful and amazing Pakistani culture is and how important are relationships for the people living here.

The new ad by Shan, “Khaana with Parosi” is again about sharing happiness, love and bonding with neighbors.

The ad is important because it has somehow reminded people of Pakistan about this beautiful tradition and starts with a Chinese couple eating at a table in Pakistan. The lady has no friends since she’s just shifted to Pakistan and so, she wants to be friends with her Pakistani neighbors. She discusses the matter with her husband and decides to go meet them, therefore she goes to buy Shan biryani (cause probably she knows how much we are crazy about biryanis)

She cooks biryani and goes to her neighbors. Her neighbors welcome her with an open heart and quite pleased, and when they eat her biryani they get even more happy.

Watch the ad here:



Another amazing addition to this campaign is OST Shan which is sung by the talented Meesha Shafi.

Overall the campaign by Shan foods is good &  its beautiful depiction of cultural relations letting it gain popularity everywhere.


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