Let it All Go- Birdy, Rhodes

Some days back when I was checking out some random videos on my Youtube I came across Let it All Go by Rhodes and Birdy. The title caught my attention and I played it, put the song in my favorites and decided to review it.

I love it when the video of a song matches the lyrics or it’s according to the meaning (which is rare) and the best thing about Let it All Go is the video exactly depicts what a song says.

Featuring Birdy and David Rhodes,  the video starts with a beautiful view with piano playing in background. The singers are shown standing in a red tinted wilderness, sad, confused and broken. The quiet, sad red place shows the love they shared which slowly faded away while red signifies the pain, as they have decided to part their ways.

As the song goes on, the place gets darker, which shows the different stages of breakup. The darkness fades slowly as it ends.

The song is about the end of a relationship, when you decide to be strong and take a decision to leave the other person no matter how much you loved them at some point. It’s about knowing and realizing that you need to let it go, for the better and staying hopeful for a better tomorrow no matter how dark the world might look at that time.
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Lung-bustingly funny Play Aapka Matlooba Number Dusri Line Pe Masroof Hai, running in Islamabad theatre Successfully

What is life without laughter?

Aapka Matlooba Number Dusri Line pe Masroof Hai makes sure you laugh your lungs out throughout the play. The romantic comedy play is about youngsters, and highlights the stereotypes present among young generation, in a humorous way.

Written and directed by M Atif Siddiqui, Aapka Matlooba Number is running in Aiwan e Quaid, Islamabad and  receiving a lot of praise by the audience.

The story is about Taimour, and his two best friends, who are  trying to help him get the love of his life, Zara, a girl who is way out of his league. Despite all their efforts to make her fall in love with Taimour,  the poor guy gets friend-zoned on her birthday and now they all have to face his parents, who are ready to accept Zara as their ‘bahu’

So, what will the boys do now? they’ll do some calculations and implement some plans, again.

From costumes to lights, every small detail has been worked out to make the play a treat to watch. Actors and director has given their best to make the audience forget everything else and laugh hysterically throughout 90 minutes. Aapka Matlooba Number truly offers a breath of fresh air in the comedy theatre scene of Islamabad.

Photos here:

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Karachi IT Park; National Incubation Center to be Launched in April, 2018

LMKT, a full-service technology company specializing in geographic information systems, integrated security management, e-governance and tech incubation in collaboration with NED University, PTCL, HBL and PPAF is all set for the soft launch of National Incubation Center (NIC) Karachi on 23rd of April, 2018.

The National Incubation Center is a technology hub that supports promising start-ups through quality incubation programs; mentor and investor networks and access to technical, professional and financial resources.

After the success of NIC Peshawar, this is the second venture of LKMT in developing a national incubation space.

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The Karachi Incubation Center is expected to be the country’s premier incubation facility that will help to empower and accelerate 200 promising and young tech start-ups. In this regard, the center will provide the incubatees with all the necessary facilities including a design studio, NED University Maker’s Lab and a Fintech center. Technology-driven Start-ups will learn  and receive training on business planning, design thinking and other operational tasks such as marketing, legal services and communication. Moreover, specialized workshops in collaboration with international technology leaders like IBM and Microsoft will be conducted as well.


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National Incubation Center in Karachi is an effective step towards a progressive economy of Pakistan that will reshape the lives of many young start-ups and freelancers.





Xiaomi Opens a Store in Islamabad

The leading Chinese tech company Xiaomi Inc.  has finally opened an official store in the capital of Pakistan on March 24th.  The new store is being launched at Giga Mall Islamabad with the combined efforts of Smartlink Technologies and Xiaomi.

The launching ceremony was attended by public and the Director Marketing Xiaomi Ahmed Butt, Director Operations Yasir Altaf, Smartlink Technologies and Director Sales and Strategy Xiaomi, Zain Aftab.

The fans were anxiously waiting for the launch and flooded into the store on 24th. To make the day more memorable, Xiaomi had offered amazing discounts on the products as well as free gifts.

It is the first Xiaomi’s physical store in Islamabad. The company already has a presence in major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Multan.

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Making the Most of Our Lives

Making the most of our lives seem nearly impossible as we grow older. But, Is staying happy despite the odds and dark is possible? Some would say yes and some wouldn’t agree. But let me say this, it’s possible.

Life is much of a roller coaster ride but not smooth and black and white. Some days you feel as if you’re on the top of the world while others, you want to kill yourself. What we don’t understand is both times never last long and we experience the bad and good moments or times both.

Life get’s easier when you start understanding this and live your life by staying satisfied and happy in both. For bad times, we have to keep believing for the good and for the good times, we need to keep this fact in mind that they are not going to last long. Of course, this is hard because human beings look for forever happiness and get irritated, frustrated when things don’t go the way as we want them to, but finding the silver lining and keeping yourself content no matter what is the journey’s all about.